Colour and Line

Riët Stegehuis


When I was very young, I looked closely around me, and already started drawing shapes of things with my eyes. As soon as  I could hold a pencil, I was drawing. I also read at a young age, and soon a lot. Added to that, I wrote stories and later, rhymes. I never stopped reading, drawing and writing.
Books, stories and drawings kept their spell on me. What image completes this story? What is happening between the lines? What is lurking there in the corner?

To me, the world consists of shapes and colours. Much is interesting to represent, but even more interesting is fantasy: that which does not yet exist, for no one to see, but only in my head. The movie that enrolls at the back of your eyes while reading a book. Snapshots. Visualising the non existing.
I took part in several drawing and painting courses, starting drawing the visual world, portraits, still lives, animals, and figures.
After high school, it was obvious I would study at the Academy of Arts. Wanting to teach, only followed almost 20 years later. Now, I want to share my knowledge and my experience, art history, my passion and enthusiasm with others.
In my studio, I teach small groups how to paint and to draw. Some are beginners, and some of them are more experienced. Two times a month, I coach a group of adult painters in Dalfsen: Bellingeweer.
I also worked as an art teacher for students of vmbo at Thorbecke Scholengemeenschap, Zwolle, and I still give guided tours and lessons to students at Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle and Heino. At Cultuurkust Harderwijk, I do workshops and lessons for Primary schools in the region.
Booking my own workshops at primary schools is possible. I tell a story of my own, written after a theme, and encourage pupils to draw illustrations that fit the story.